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Recruitment and Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Recruitment and Selection - Essay Example Heavy reliance on internal sources is thought to perpetuate the racial, gender, and age composition of the workforce. Thus, a balance between promoting current employees and hiring outside applicants is needed. Newspaper ads. Running ads in periodicals such as local newspapers or professional journals is a common method of recruiting employees. In fact, in a survey of 188 organisations, personnel executives claimed newspaper advertising to be one of the most effective avenues of applicant recruitment (N.A. Mason & Belt, 1986). Although little research is available, there is plenty of expert advice on the best way for an employer to write recruitment advertisements. Kaplan, Aamodt, and Wilk (1991) tested some of this expert advice by first determining the characteristics of help-wanted ads and then comparing the design of actual help-wanted ads in 10 newspapers with the quantity and quality of applicants who responded After examining thousands of ads, Kaplan et al (1991) found 23 advertising characteristics, as follows: Ad Design: company emblem included, creative illustrations used, creative wording, white space around ad, job title enlarged or in bold face. Legal Information: affirmative action statement, EEO statement. Information about the Job: Benefit package listed, job title mentioned, salary description, multiple jobs listed in the same ad. Information about the Company: company address listed, company description included, company name mentioned, phone number listed. Applicant qualifications: educ ation requirements, personality traits desired, pervious experience requirements, skills needed by applicants, salary history requested. After comparing the presence or absence of the 23 characteristics with the presence or absence who responded to the ad, the researchers found that ads displaying the company

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Sustainability and earth resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sustainability and earth resources - Essay Example For example, Monte (6) argues that place based practices should focus in healthy eating and active living (HEAL). On the other hand, the other major topics that have been comprehensively discussed in the article include bikeable or walkable communities, partnerships between public health programs and policies of environmental change as well as the sustainable food systems that provide communities with access to healthy, nutritional foods. The purpose of the authors writing is well explained and is fairly convincing. For example, the proposed place based community change approaches are premised on the notion that places where people spend most of their time like workplaces, neighborhoods, schools and worship places have a significant impact on their daily choices and, therefore, a holistic, participative healthy community approach that departs from the status quo should be adopted. According to the author, this is particularly attributed to the fact that the rapid technological and social changes witnessed over the last few decades have significantly impacted on how communities approach the role of health and quality of life improvements. The evidence used by the author to support his claim includes the success of a 1995 ‘Forging the Future’ program by a group of civic leaders in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Although the evidence effectively support the authors position, a number of additional information such as the potential weaknesses and limitations of the proposed community change approaches ought to have been included in his argument. Additionally, the author should have highlighted some of the counter argument s currently being advanced by the critics of the approach. However, the author has also recognized that place based approaches do not have any exact formulas. With regard to his presentation form, the author has uses an essay format to advance his purpose of writing. This form has served the authors purpose by providing a clear and well

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Bottlenecks in Process Essay Example for Free

Bottlenecks in Process Essay There are series of tasks needs to be completed for successful execution of the process. The slowest task in the successive steps of operation determines the capacity of process. As the neck of the bottle lessens the speed of flow in bottle, the slowest task in the process in called the bottleneck as it impedes the efficiency of operational activities through highest throughput rate or longest cycle time. Identification of bottleneck is necessary for correct analysis of process capacity, which can help in improving the overall performance of operational activities (NetMBA, n. d. ).Laundry is one of the tasks in the home that takes more time, because require a process to have it done. Cycle time is defined as time required for the completing the identified task if it is repeated. So, Pareto chart reflects that the main bottleneck in the process of laundry is sorting operation. The Sorting process has largest cycle time in the mechanical operation of the laundry except the automatic process of washing and drying operations, which has least scope of improvement without changing the equipment. The whole process can be in equilibrium if each activity consumes equal time. But this happens rarely.Bottleneck is important area of concern, which helps in taking necessary measures to improve the overall process. We can apply the five focusing steps to improve the performance of the system. The application of 5 focusing steps in theory of constraints. Five focusing steps are laundry preparation is defined as follows: 0. Goal of the System – In the process of laundry, the goal of the system is to wash and dry the cloths in minimum time. 1. Identification of the constraint – The pre-sorting of cloths using quick sorter is critical factor in reducing the sorting time in Laundry Process. 2.  Exploitation of the constraint – The overall output of the laundry preparation depends on the output of the constraint. If sorting process is taking too much time to do the laundry for each type of durable, delicate and normal cloths, other members has to compensate with compromising their leisure time to attend other tasks. 3. Subordinate other works to the constraint – Since pre-sorting the cloths can be done each day to put the cloths in drawer of appropriate label, it will reduce the overall process time of laundry on the day of laundry by unfolding the socks in available and taking care of detergents and liquid fabric softener. . Minimize the constraint – Some investment like products like quick sorter from market can improve the sorting time. It can be helpful in minimizing the constraint. 5. Iteration for further improving the system – If goal is not achieved, it can be started further from step 0 to improve the system by working on other bottlenecks also. 6. Change the system – If system does not respond to any techniques of improvement, it can be replaced by better system to get the best result. But that will be the last option. Conclusion  Using bottlenecks to improve the productivity off system in theory of constraints. Once bottleneck is eliminated or reduced to considerable extent, other task can be identified as new area of focus to improve the performance of the process. In my daily activities, next bottleneck in laundry process of unfolding socks is much faster than sorting. Hence, we can say that the main bottleneck has significant impact on the capacity of process whereas second bottleneck has limited concern in the efficiency of process. Reference

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Television Drama :: essays research papers

The viewer positioning in television dramas play a very important and critical part in how the drama is portrayed to the audience, and hence this gives an idea on how successful the show will be. Dawson’s Creek is a relatively new TV drama aimed at teenagers and the issues they face and have to deal with in society today. The viewer positioning, in relation to the show’s themes, construction and values will be discussed and analysed. The â€Å"Pilot† episode (first episode of Dawson’s Creek) will be referred back to in this essay, as this episode was what propelled Dawson’s Creek into becoming the most watched teen show around the world and what made the actors/ actresses into instant stars. Dawson's Creek is about one boy's coming of age journey and his lifelong friendship with a girl from a vastly different home life. The vivid and absorbing relationship between Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey (Katie Holmes) is at the core of the series. Best friends since they were small children, the two are faced with many new challenges ahead of them in their teenage years, ones that would not have arisen in their childhood days. One is sustaining their close friendship in spite of their budding romantic relationship, their emotional, physical and intellectual growth and the changing world around them. Other than Dawson and Joey, the show also revolves around two other central characters, Jen and Pacey. Jen (Michelle Williams) has mysteriously come from New York to stay with her grandparents, but she clearly has an air of mystery surrounding her as she harbours a dark secret from her past. Dawson clearly lusts for her, but when Jen unveils some of her teenage experiences to Dawson, his feelings for her clearly change. Pacey (Joshua Jackson) has been Dawson’s best friend, along with Joey, for some time. Pacey lives life fearlessly, and he is eager to discovery what life has laid out for him. His gift for sarcasm is matched only by knack for stumbling awkwardly and unprepared into adult situations. The four are engaged in an intriguing relationship, and are forced to deal with their feelings towards each other. Dawson’s Creek is about their journey through life. The show was conceived, developed and written by Kevin Williamson, who continues to serve as executive producer of the series. Dawson's Creek presents a somewhat autobiographical and almost shockingly honest portrayal of teenage characters dealing with real-life issues.

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How To Stop Violence In Schools Essay

We all know there is violence in schools. Like in the past a couple of years there has been many shootings in school and I wonder how we could stop that. We could have a police officer on campus at all times. We could also have a group of students be a crime watch team. But the most important is to have kids be in a non-violent environment at home. If schools would have a police officer there, it would stop most violence because he knows all of the laws. When anything suspicious happened, he could investigate the situation. If he found resulting in violence, he could give the person punishment, so the situation doesn’t result in violence. Schools with crime watch teams would probably have a lower violence rate because there would be more people trying to stop violence. The school could have some of the students that get good grades and have them look for violence in schools. The most important way to avoid violence in schools isn’t even something at school. The students need to have a non-violent environment at home. They need parents that show positive attitudes because everyone learns from their environment and if its good there more likely to do good things. If it’s bad they’ll probably do bad and violent things. Well now you know some ways violence could be stopped in schools. So spread the information because we don’t want any innocent students getting hurt or even dying.

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized - 2102 Words

Drugs are now everywhere, so the use of drugs has become a worldwide issue in the modern time.[copy] Throughout the history of united state, there are numerous cases against drugs, especially Marijuana dealers, buyers, and users. The argument of legalizing or prohibiting marijuana has been going on for very long time all over the world. In most countries, possession and use of marijuana is considered illegal. Today, some countries have legalized marijuana while other countries have not. In the United States, some states such as Washington and Colorado have also legalized the possession and usage of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes for adults. There are a number of advocacy groups that stand for its legalization for health†¦show more content†¦It can be taken in by either smoking it or by taking it in with food. The main ingredient in marijuana is THC, which is short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (National Institute on Drug Abuse). The chemical moves rapidly through the bloodstream to work on cannabinoid receptors, which is found in area of the brain. The receptor controls memory, awareness, and movement, so when THC activates cannabinoid receptors, it interferes with normal brain functioning and cause hallucinogenic effect (National institution of drug abuse). This can lead to temporary loss of self-control, awareness to the surrounding environment and critical thinking. All of these are things that we expect one healthy human being to possess. The adverse effects are not the same on all people. It is really hard to measure exactly how much amount would lead to a specific state of mind. Some of the short term effects of Marijuana consumption as listed on NID’s website are altered sense of time, change of mood and impaired body movement. Driving a car or operating machineries under influence has been a main cause to some accidents that lead to hurting oneself or other people in the near surrounding. For more than ten years, legalization and distribution of marijuana is under a great debate. In the federal law of the united state, it is not legal to use and possess marijuana. Since, the federal and the state law are